11. August 2016 um 19:00
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Negative Approach is an American hardcore punk band, formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1981. The band is considered among the pioneers of hardcore punk, particularly in the Midwest region. Like most hardcore bands, Negative Approach was little known in its day outside of its hometown. It is now idolized in the Detroit rock underground and the punk subculture, considered to be one of the elite bands of the „old school“ era, and continues to be influential.Negative Approach initially broke up in 1984 with singer John Brannon moving on to the Laughing Hyenas, and later Easy Action, but the band has reformed as of 2006 and continues to tour sporadically
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AL’s Wasted Youth features original LA’s Wasted Youth drummer Allen Stiritz, Jason Honea from Social Unrest and two other native Californians.
A’s Wasted Youth was one of the most Iconic Punk Bands in the early 80s. First supporting and sharing the stage with all the big names and then headlining over many of them and other new comers in the end. In 1986 drummer Allen Stiritz disappeared from the scene due to personal problems and the fact that the band went in a metal influenced direction.
Allen was out of the scene for almost 30 years when Samuel el Action of Scheisse Minnelli found him living in Germany and dragged him to a Scheisse Minnelli show to play some of those classic Wasted Youth songs. Now Allen has teamed up with the two members of Scheisse Minnelli from California and Jason Honea from Social Unrest to form AL’s Wasted Youth.
Their plan is to bring back that chaotic time in the early 80s Cali punk scene but in Europe! Al’s WY only plays from time to time. The future plans are to continue with this short set and expand it when any of the old school LA bands tour Europe to do random shows together and bring that old school flavor while getting Allen back to his roots and back to the scene he helped build.
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