Soliparty: the only good system is a soundsystem 2.0

Liebe Freund*innen ,
Eigentlich ist es solangsam Sommer, doch in Kaltland ist es brauner als im Herbst. Menschenfeindlichkeit wird immer mehr salonfähig.
Für uns ist das nicht hinnehmbar und wir werden uns dem weiterhin entschlossen entgegenstellen. Wir wollen zur Abwechslung mal wieder für etwas antifaschistische Wärme sorgen.
Deshalb laden wir zu einem schönen Abend mit guter Mukke, Drinks und Liebe für Alle ein!

Um Zusammenhalt und Solidarität praktisch werden zu lassen gehen die Einnahmen komplett an unterstützenswerte antifaschistische Strukturen!

Ziehwas Legal
Tim Plüchelfleck
& der geheime Otto

Außerdem wird es Obst und Lolies geben

Wir dulden kein rassistisches, sexistisches, trans/homophobes, faschistisches Verhalten!


Transcontinental metallers MONUMENTS have come a long way since starting as a side project of John Browne (guitars; Fellsilent) and Josh Travis (guitars; The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza). From asurprise appearance on BBC Radio 1 to debut full-length, “Gnosis“”, the group immediately found a fanatic audience. Praised for their brainy yet song-oriented approach to heavy music, MONUMENTS bridged the progressive metal gap like few before. On one side they challenged. “Gnosis“” was full of mind-bending, betcha-can’t-play-this-type passages. On the other side, fans deeply connected to hook-laden songs like “97% Static” and “Empty Vessels”.Fast forward two productive years later and MONUMENTS -now with Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery, Ever Forthright) on vocals -have grown tremendously. While they’re still way into instrumental gymnastics and impressing fans with their musical prowess, they’ve really honed in on writing huge, impossibly memorable songs for new album, “The Amanuensis”. Like bigger, badder, and even more epic-than-before type stuff. If “97% Static” and “Empty Vessels” stuck to the brain, new songs like “I, Creator”, “The Alchemist”, and “Origin of Escape” hit the head, body, and mind hard.“I really like the chorus of ‘The Alchemist’,” guitarist John Browne smiles. “It’s really simplistic, but I think that part will sound big and open when we play it live. I also dig the ending of ‘I, The Destroyer’. I can’t really focus on one part or song. All of the songs I’m happy with how they all turned out.”“The Amanuensis” is a complete experience, actually. Even Browne’s mom is impressed: “I know my mum will blast this out of her car like she did with ‘Gnosis’. She loves groove.”If one thing’s certain about MONUMENTS and Browne in 2014 they’re keen to move away from needless classification with “The Amanuensis”. They’re specifically referring to their tenuous association with the djent movement. “Music is music,” Browne says. “It has the same 12 notes as any other music. The only difference is the way it’s expressed, so we use pretty silly words to try and explain the sound. The word ‘djent’ makes no sense whatsoever to describe a genre. The tone that it references isn’t really utilized by many bands that are classed as it. I feel progressive metal is a much better reference to our music, with a huge dose of groove.”“The Amanuensis”, at least the title, was inspired by author David Mitchell’s novel, “Cloud Atlas”. The complex story lines are the perfect analog for MONUMENTS. Musically, the group weave in and out of themes, motifs, and professor-like note calculations with graceful ease. But lyrically “The Amanuensis” comes from a very different place. “The album is about the Samsara cycle,” reveals Browne. “The cyclical existence of life that we are all bound to. Chris has written an entire story around the lyrics. Maybe that will see the light one day! It’s the story of Samsara.”Recorded at Monnow Valley Studio (Black Sabbath, Rush, Led Zeppelin) in Wales, Audiohammer Studios (The Black Dahlia Murder, The Contortionist) in Florida, and Browne’s own studio Bear Noize Studio in England, “The Amanuensis” is powerful and clear. A resolute sonic statement. But the group’s sophomore album is also the most stripped down production in MONUMENTS’ history. By design the drum triggers and studio trickery are gone. “Metal has lost the ‘live’ element of production,” Browne admits. “All bands sound too perfect. And albums aren’t really a true representation ofwhat the bands actually sound like in a live setting. We wanted to give everyone what we actually sound like, with us actually playing the instruments. The final result is great!”With a new vocalist -Browne calls Barretto “A musician. It’s really easyto bounce ideas off of him.” -and a new album in “The Amanuensis”, MONUMENTS are taking progressive metal to the next level. The group’s ardent fanbase are sure to adore “Atlas”, “Garden of Sankhara”, and massively cool “Quasimodo”. Release Date: June 23rd, 2014
“Hopefully they feellike they had the journey that was intended. It’s a pretty relentless record, but with some huge vocal hooks. We’re hoping this album will get stuck in peoples’ heads. It was a lot of fun to write.”MONUMENTS are: John Browne (guitar), Olly Steele (guitar), Adam Swan (bass), Mike Malyan (drums, samples), and Chris Barretto (vocals, saxophone). Expect to witness the brilliance of MONUMENTS this summer and beyond as they support their stunning new album, “The Amanuensis”.(by Chris Dick / Decibel Magazine)


Druff ist Programm.
Mit hartem Metal-Punk im Anarcho-Sludge-Sytle druffen wir seit 3 Jahren zu viert durch die Gegend um Verbündete der guten Laune und harten Klänge zu finden.Gibt’s net, gibt’s net! Immer voran! Hauptsache es knallt!Das ist das Motto und die Attitüde der Band.

Website: Bandcamp
The Dislikes
Website:  Facebook

Under The Radar

After our successful one year anniversary, we bring you another event featuring some first time artists for UndertheRadar, as well as a couple of our UTR veterans!

Frankfurt locals ONLY!

The Line-up:

Leon Hamami (Orbital Jungle)

Sascha Lerato (MTW Club)

Robbert Bünkelbaum – DJ Site (Tanzparenz)

expanse (Under the Radar, MTW Club)

See you there ♥

Ein Abend mit Musik

Ein Abend mit Musik im 11er Frankfurt am Main. Metal aus der Region.

19Para – Vulkanmusik aus Frankfurt am Main.

Contrast – Melodic Death Metal aus Gelnhausen.

Phantom der Opfer – Beatdown aus Frankfurt am Main.

Munera – Deathcore aus Gelnhausen.

VVK ab 5€ / AK 8€
oder direkt über die Bands

Heimspiel Open Air Warm Up Party mit Matchy & Bott, Uff Légère & YouGen Showcase

Am 16.07.2016 ist es wieder soweit – unser geliebtes Heimspiel Open Air 2016 steht vor der Tür. Einen knappen Monat vorher möchten wir mit euch schon mal auf Betriebstemperatur tanzen und wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir am 10.06. mit Matchy & Bott sowie Uff Légère Unterstützung von zwei Acts bekommen, die seit Jahren unser Open Air unterstützen.


Matchy & Bott ( Katermukke // Stil vor Talent )

Uff Légère (Official) ( king street sounds // BYawake )

YouGen e.V. Showcase mit:


Lukas Weis

► Max Jähner

► Marcel Khoury

► anders.

Podcasts findet ihr hier:


bis 00 Uhr 5 Euro, danach 7 Euro
Vereinsmitglieder haben freien Eintritt

Mitglied werden könnt ihr unter:

Die Mitgliedschaft kostet 20 Euro Jahresbeitrag. Neben dem freien Eintritt zur Warm Up Party erhaltet ihr 10 Euro Freiverzehr auf unser Heimspiel Open Air. Eine Mitgliedschaft verpflichtet nicht zur Mitarbeit im Verein.

Einlass ab 18 Jahren!


Out of Control


Mainfloor :

Marcel Été

Dany Many
[Out of Control/OF]

[Out of Control/Into Madness/FFM]

Roter Raum:

Marius S. b2b Tino Gøtten

DJ Delirium

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